Economania – Story of Economics(Microeconomics)



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Story of Economics is an Economic book written by Mr. Kapil Dev Dhand, for CBSE Students.
Author embraced this book with series of sequence of concept in such a beautiful way that every
chapter become a chapter of Big story of economics and every concept becomes event of that story.
Economania is Solace- for it Teaches you to Focus on right things,
 This whole book explains the every tiny concept in question answer format along with their
video explanation (First time ever).
 Sequence of every economic concepts generated in the beautiful form of Questions and
Answers in such a way that it looks like story line.
 Every Question generates curiosity and its answers along with video explanation creates
concept building and make students fall in love with economics.
 This Format not avoids the monotonous learning and at same time develop the analytical
ability towards economics among students and helps them in exams, In exams student not
only have knowledge of the concept and also knows what to write.