Learn to speak English anytime any where



English is widely spoken all over the world. We all understand the importance of using English in everyday conversation, at school or at work.

English is a global language. Our native language can help us to a certain extent to express our knowledge and views. But being a global citizen , fluency in English is imperative. This online English course deals with modern and common concepts of English language . These concepts have been explained in a simple and easy to understand way.

The course is a basic brush up of useful grammar concepts and their practical usage in daily conversation. Grammar concepts like articles, tenses, prepositions ,conjunctions ,modals etc. have been discussed keeping in view ,requirement of students , job aspirants, housewives, professionals . For students preparing for competitive exams comprehension , parajumbles and grammatical exercises have been included. Course has been developed and presented by a professional who has experience of about 10 years in training students in business communication and communication skills.

The basic concepts of grammar discussed in this course will help the viewers to understand and frame grammatical correct and meaningful sentences. Practicing these concepts in daily conversation can make viewers fluent in speaking as well as writing English.